What is Platform ?

It is a collaborative working environment supporting singular projects in the broad field of the production of architecture and urbanism. Each project of the platform has its own lifecycle and is being carried by a specific team. Platform started in 2017 with a first price for Europan 14. As a network, Platform encourages knowledge exchange, interactions and innovations. It allows people to put their strengths, experience and references in common the time of a project. It is a platform of platforms.

platform toulouse

Platform Toulouse is composed by Perrine Frick (FL/FR) landscape architect – urbanist, Rocco Marafatto (IT) architect, Alessandro Benacchio (IT) architect – urbanist and Lucile Ado (FR) architect – urbanist. The project have started in 2017 being rewarded first price at Europan 14 competition. Then, the implementation process started in 2019 to design a 150 ha masterplan for Toulouse metropolis.


Lucile Ado : https://www.lucile-ado.com

project’s details: https://www.europanfrance.org/projets/single?_=1578908714095&pid=670

platform Marseille

Platform Marseille is a team composed by the office of architecture OfficeShopHouse : Natalia Vera Vigaray (ES) Patxi Martin (ES) and Josep Garriga Tarrés (ES), with Marine Declève (BE) urbanist and Lucile Ado (FR) architect – urbanist. The project has been rewarded runner up at European 15. It is a project for urban regeneration taking place within a NPNRU process in la Cabucelle neighborhood in Marseille. It proposes to link the NPNRU process to a learning program in order include either new and settled inhabitants in the urban regeneration processes of their own environment.


OfficeShopHouse : https://www.office-shophouse.com

Lucile Ado : https://www.lucile-ado.com

project’s details: https://www.europanfrance.org/projets/single?pid=702&_=1578908714096

Platform Venezia

Platform Venezia is a project of reconfiguration of Venice commercial and touristic port by 2050 that aims to deal with the fooding issue in Venice and restoration of the lagoon ecosystem.

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